Monday, August 30, 2010

The racists among the HK Chinese, kindly listen to Jackie Chan

THE racists among those Hong Kong Chinese, who baselessly think they are a 'superior' race and that they have any right at all to turn the unfortunate HK tourists hostage issue into a racial slur, would do well to listen to their compatriot, Jacky Chan. Of sober mind and logic, Chan says:

“This kind of things always happen around the world. ..If they killed the guy sooner, they will say why not negotiate first? If they negotiate first, they ask why not kill the guy sooner? So sad... Humans should be united and not kill or hate each other..”
 In his statement clarifying his earlier Twitter post, Jackie reiterates his "do not hate" position:

"What I wanted to convey was that I won’t hate Filipino people as a result of this tragic incident. There are several hundred thousand Filipinos working in Hong Kong, and there are quite a few Hong Kong people working in the Philippines as well. If we start hating each other, it will cause great damage to both Hong Kong and the Philippines."

In this age of political correctness, nobody has the right to think lowly of another race, no matter that several thousands of Filipinos work there in your territory as domestic helpers. Did I not hear your mother country, the People's Republic of China, uphold the dignity and interest of the working class during the Revolution and beyond?

Does science in any way bear out the genetic superiority of the yellow race over the Malay race? I don't think so. Not even religion, I think.

Thus, I call on every Hong Kong citizen not to condemn the Filipino nation over that tragic isolated case (at least as far as hostaging of tourists are concerned) in Luneta, Manila. My people have repeatedly expressed our apologies or sympathies to the families of the victims, the government of HOCUS PCOS Noynoy Aquino III has done the same, and in our hearts, we have prayed for the repose of the soul of the same.

So, do NOT slur our nation, our race. No one, absolutely no one has the right to do so. Not even you, perhaps, esp. you, because you and your government are not perfect yourselves. We just need to check our common history to find out.

To the good people of Hong Kong who have allowed sobriety, sanity, and the sense of brotherhood/sisterhood between our races and the whole of humanity to prevail, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul.

Mabuhay kayo!



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  1. i've differed with a number of fb friends on this issue. heated differences.

    i practically hate abnot for cheating erap, cheating in the last polls. but should we allow another race to trample on our people, collectively? those racist instsik bh are impossible.

    harhar. i have 15 percent chinese in me.

  2. ncluded si hocus pcos president sa attacks nila, jose.

    BUT it's really more of racist slur at us, filipinos. kemo rich na sila ngayon (we used to be in their state decades ago) and many of our compatriots work there as dh. yes, they are used to thinking lowly of us now.

    most filipinos naman have chinese blood. medyo direct/easily traceable lang my chinese blood.

    true those north americans miseducated, being conditioned to have no confidence in our race. that ugly mckinley and that theodore roosevelt, they created that myth that we are "unfit for government," etc. to rationalize their subjugation of us, given that imperialism runs counter to their supposed democratic traditions.

  3. more than selfish, they're RACISTS.

    even some of their compatriots think so.

  4. "Interesting don't you think? The Chinese at one point were considered the lower rung and lower class of society in the Philippines...taking all the lower jobs around the islands at one point. It was a dishonor to even be buried in a Chinese cemetery all the way up until the early 20th century. 100 years later and now they are 'on top' of our society...and some even view themselves above Filipinos. And we now find ourselves taking care giver jobs and being maids in China. Amazing how the roles can switch within a hundred years."

    yes, amazing, really. just proves that the world is, indeed, round.

    but we shouldn't forget that chinese in the mainland have for centuries thought of themselves as of a superior race that everyone else are not worth whatever.

  5. beyond being narrow.minded,mga kulang sa sblssyn iyang ilan o karamihan sa mga hk chinese na yan.

    imagine preying on the INNOCENTS. mga walang kinalaman dinadamay. yung buong lahi pa natin!

    right. saka tayo, ilang nang dh nadale sa atin sa territoryo nila.

    saka yung filipino tourists, mga madrigal sa beijing. china QUIETLY settled that. eh ba't sila ngayon, hindi lang maiingay, ngawa ng ngawang may bahid pa--o punong.puno pa y..ata-- ng racism. See More